Duong Lam - a transient hometown
Every time we mention Duong Lam often remembered for the "land of two kings" quaint, albeit through many ups and downs over time, but today Duong Lam has preserved the image of an old Vietnamese village, do cover the cross the search of the past to hangover.
In the early days of spring, please put us nostalgic relic visit Duong Lam ancient village, with historical, cultural and traditional features characteristic of the village of Red River delta. The land is widely referred to by the name "land of two kings" quaint. That is the village of Son Tay town, the center of Hanoi city about 60 kilometers, the relic has a privileged location under so-called "co-ordinates paint fisheries outlook", (back against the mountain Hiking , face turned to the Red River).

Through ups and downs, the two kings of Duong Lam land, the birthplace of two national heroes Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen still retains the image of an old Vietnamese village to village gate, banyan trees, wells, ponds shower, family courts ...

Through the village entrance faded old silver weathered by time, is located in the shadow of a tumbledown xiêu tree that has more than 300 years old are the alleys and streets of villages, the roofs, walls and buildings laterite very ancient architecture.

The brother of the Management Board of the monument says: Call Duong Lam ancient village is talking about a tourist destination, but the nature of administration, it is a community composed of 9 villages including Mong Phu, Cam Lam Cam Thinh, Doai Giap Dong Sang, He Xin, flourishing, Accessories and Literature Khang. While 5 villages including Mong Phu, Dong Sang, Cam Thinh, Cam Lam Doai Giap and contiguous, closely linked into a unified community of customs, traditions, and religion for thousands of years not unchanged.

Currently, there are 956 homes Duong Lam has more than 150 years old. In particular, Dong Sang village with 441 houses, Mong Phu Thinh 350 houses and 165 houses Orange. Some houses were built long ago (like 1649, 1703, 1850 ...) remain far post truss systems, truss roof with gaudy decorations.

Most of the old houses in Duong Lam is made of wood with texture as typeface, font and font sensitive subjects. Ri tiled roofs. Fence often built of laterite (According to elderly Mong Phu village: to dig rocks from the ground up. Every time digging very difficult because each member typically to about 15 to 40 cen-ti-meter, as to Long makes toned rock, rugged, so the more people trust Duong Lam on where they live a simple life but stable). Every old house has gates, fences, yards and gardens, fronts, main house, outbuildings, kitchen ... and almost always have a wide canopy shade trees around the front yard.
It is very interesting that all the village streets are very clean and airy. Stone walls hundreds of years bees have surrounded the house, creating a separate space and peace for every family. In the village there are some wells were several hundred years old, a well built solid laterite with time. Especially the works of worship, the memorial was built, preserved and handed down from more than ten centuries ago to now seem to be present everywhere create space for this land of the sacred mysteries .
Perhaps so, but nobody is sure who daily visitors each group in different countries and even the foreigners considered here is a place to go to enjoy the last moments of life slowly, closing themselves into a space seemed to be forgotten, to soak up the atmosphere if President, the cultural space of the ancient Vietnamese village serenity to infinity.



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