Halong Bay Tourism - Discover the World Natural Heritage

Halong Bay has magnificent views up here is a very attractive tourist destination with domestic travelers and international.
Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province, located northeast of the country, with an area of about 1,969 islands 1.553km2 heaving create interesting landscape. The presence of the Gulf and the island on the Bay is a unique testament to the historical development of the earth, including geological characteristics and process of mobilization and continuous development of systems Fengcong Karst terrain types and Fengling.


Halong Bay - a Unesco repeatedly been recognized as the natural heritage of the world, with thousands of islands to be made by the creator of spectacular and lively. The World Heritage area is recognized as an area of 434 km2, including 775 islands, such as a triangle with three vertices is the island Dau Go (west), Ba Ham Lake (south) and Cong Tay Island (east)

 Halong Bay is a unique heritage sites because it contains important remnants of the formation and development of Earth's history, the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese residents, as well as artwork great shaping of nature with the presence of thousands of rocky islands is multifaceted, with many interesting caves clustered into a vivid world has just mysterious. Besides, Halong Bay is also home to high biodiversity with typical eco-systems along with thousands of animal and plant species are abundant and diverse. It is also associated with cultural values - fascinating history of the nation.


With Halong Tourism program you will have the opportunity to visit the islands in Ha Long Bay. There are two types of limestone islands and schist islands, concentrated in two main areas was the southeast region Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern part of Ha Long Bay. This is the oldest image of the terrain with tectonic age of 250 - 280 million years, is the result of the campaign raised, lowered several times from the sunken continent into the sea. The process of karst erosion and weathering almost completely Halong create a unique world.

 Hundreds of stone islands, each island carried a different shape very lively: First Person Hon, Hon Rong Vong Hon, Hon sail, Hon Trong Mai, Hon Lu Huong ... Implicit in the rocky islands he was magnificent caves associated with many miraculous legends as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot ....
You had the opportunity to tour Ha Long - a unique heritage in the world to admire and discover the secrets still hidden this place?



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