Lung Cultural Village Cam Ha Giang tourism

 The ingredients that make up the houses here are taken and in-house production, from the ground to the house wall, tile, wood, stone fence, including around the house; The process of building the northern upland people in general and in particular the people here are 100% handmade. The working tools of labor to produce light, living the life of the people here will be a pleasant surprise discovery for tourists visiting Ha Giang tourism

 All exudes diligence be difficult Ha Giang people as well as focus their cultural activities and brings the breath of life of the people featured in the highlands. It was so, that this place attracts many photographers, filmmakers and is where the source composing for many works of art, in which case: Cam Valley Village was selected as the closing film "Story Pao "this film was awarded" golden Kite "of the Vietnam cinematography Association. This affirms this is a land where tradition and culture have many characteristics and features of the Mong ethnic people and of the ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

Located on the mountainside cliff high haze covered year round and at the very bottom of the North Pole, although still difficult life hard and harsh, but the radiant smile on the lips still blossoming teenager As Mongolia in Sung. They still ply corn in the fields of Dong Van Plateau



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