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Phan Thiet diverse cuisine from the finest cuisine to rustic dishes, simple, satisfying the needs of tourists
Phan Thiet cake base
Flat bread is rustic dishes longstanding city of Phan Thiet. Cake base is simply milled rice flour and water on the tiny earthen mold. Taste of flat bread depends on the sauce, you can choose one of three sauces: hold phase water, braised fish sauce, seasoning sauce, but the most common is still dipping sauce. There's also served with small dishes, enriching flavor to cakes such as boiled eggs, pigskin, shumai, fish stock .

The aroma of hot bread crispy couples with boiled eggs, member shumai pretty small, tasty piece of fish warehouse, Sun shot pigskin ceiling, less fat and greaves blended sauce, lightly melted on the tongue of taste very seductive taste.

Fried catfish rolls


If you travel to Phan Thiet without taste Fried catfish rolls, the result is a shame. Dishes with typical taste of snakehead, the freshness of the vegetables together, fleshy of cake, it's good food. Moreover, this dish also very cheap price too.

Thunderstorm is a very popular dish in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet. Automation can be processed into many different dishes. Delicious dishes that are also attractive. 7 Thunderstorms are processed into food: grilled Thunderstorm, thunderstorms with roasted, steamed thunderstorm, thunderstorm rolls, salad thunderstorms, thunderstorms and thunderstorm cook porridge melon pink, delicious dishes and always fascinating. Sitting by the campfire, grill thunderstorm disk, extra bottle of wine, there is nothing more wonderful.

Thunderstorms are very famous specialty of Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, attracting visitors from near and far. Thunderstorms are reptiles live in caves on the sand, drinking morning dew out and eat buds so very firm meat, delicious. Thunderstorms are not only high-value cuisine culinary terms, but also regarded as a kidney tonic virility, increase energy, ...
Cauldron Cakes straps
Cauldron Cakes quai is a rustic dishes but taste very tasty. You can buy snacks or eat it for breakfast. Cauldron Cakes straps sold a lot in the region and market change Phan Thiet Ocean.

 Fillings made from sea shrimp and bacon, little more sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, fried ripe bring pieces covered with refined flour (filter) was laminates. Pie after molding is boiled for about 15 minutes, after boiled bread transparent, soft and chewy, served with lemon dipping sauce, add some sugar and chili very spicy. The aroma of cassava, sweet taste of shrimp, tasty bacon of creating a very specific definition of mumps cauldron cakes, made one once enjoyed will remember forever.
The Clik you can grab them on tours in Mui Ne to enjoy special dishes at Phan Thiet nhé



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