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The boys, girls eagerly to ethnic Khau Vai love market



Under the old stuff here, Khau Vai love market with more than a hundred years ago, is derived from the love story of a couple. Legend has it that, at the time, only a few land Sewing Nung and Giay live. They live in separate villages and it all started when a young man who falls in love dearly Nung a Giay girl in the next village. Their love story is beautiful like a flower, like two birds of the forest fire Khau Vai, their parents, relatives, both sides knew. They tried to prevent by customary at the time, taking only nation that ethnic, further work is married wives of parents so the couple find each other is contrary to local laws ... The ban guess the two families made the couple decided to flee to the mountains together. But do not expect their escape is reinforcing the contradiction between the two families on a pole. From a rift between the two families, clans gradually led to friction between the two village Nung and Giay people. From the high mountain overlooking the spectacle saw clashes between two villages, the couple was heartbroken, they had to split wipes his tears. Two appointments estimate whether a husband and wife but failed each year to meet again on this day (ie lunar March 27th). So each year to date basis, boys and girls back up that mountain meet, confided ... And so until one day when villagers knew, admired the love of the couple, it was decided to open the market in which the couple tops nui- been dating each other.

 Also from that Ha Giang Khau Vai love market, also known as "market performer saved" is held on lunar 27/3. Previously not many people go to the market, mainly those with troubled love, they love each other but can not get together because the constraints of feudal rites, the backward practices. But everyone has a home and family, have a grandmother who succeeded him, apart for 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or even decades, several memory confided to meet market, told each other about fun his unhappy family, the maturity of the children and hear each other sing folk songs familiar (sending love, nostalgia and anger in the lyrics) ended their love market came back to life Everyday life as the original. That was the character of the market situation in this highland ..

The girl waited partners

Those in the market far from the evening before they go to sleep at home acquaintance inn near the market, you find another pair can sit and talk with each other all night 26, all day 27/3, they invite each other drink, eat onigiri, rice, and bread (all food and beverages brought from home to market) their feelings perfectly clear. If one of you has a blooper that his brother considered offended, are you serious disregard feelings will be cracked and never see each other again. Fair 27/3 pm on tan, double bin rin mates farewell see you at the fair next year

Pleasure to meet you love

Previously Khau Vai love market - Ha Giang is the market of the troubled relationship. From 1991 back to the market here with many young men and women to the peoples in the region to Tet market and also to find partners, many married couples should wives be in Khau Vai love market opportunity.

                                                     Khau Vai night
Coming to Khau Vai love market travelers di Ha Giang tourism also enjoy the unique cuisine of her children as ethnic minorities: Wins incident, Au Tau porridge, beans princess, men men, dried beef , smoked pork, goat ..

 Every visitor to Ha Giang travel freely choose for themselves the products, souvenirs of her children on Dong Van Plateau like mint honey, wine, corn, or the praise of Mongolia traditional costumes of the Lo Lo ethnic girl, Mongolia. Guests even once to the Khau Vai love market - Ha Giang would never forget those moments this poeticalày.




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