The show of transgenders in Thailand

Most foreign visitors to Thailand are trying once see the boys transgender performers sing and dance on the stage lit.
To see the beautiful transsexual man, you are not videographers in the theater and buy tickets equivalent to about 350,000 to 500,000.

Alcazar Show
Alcazar is a famous show in the city of Pattaya, performed in a modern theater can accommodate about 500 people. The exterior appearance dancers also performed professional skills. Integrated programs include dance music, drama lasted about an hour and a half with the color and brilliant costumes of the actors are transgender boy.

Visitors can find here a little funky music of the West, a little quiet of Chinese melodies, gently enticing are the dances of Malaysia, sexy and seductive as belly dancing India . Sometimes you can also listen to the songs Vietnam cheers rang out in a warm world of friends.

After the show, the dancers will wait photographed abreast with guests and get a tip. Most tours take visitors to Thailand are watching this show. Each night, Alcazar Show has 3 production, starting from 1830, taking 4 7th own interest. Alcazar ticket prices around 450 baht (nearly 300,000 contracts), separate VIP seats from 550 baht price (350,000) or more.
Tiffany Show
Also very popular in Pattaya, Tiffany is one of Thailand's two shows in the top 10 shows in the world (second show Phuket Fantasy).

Tiffany's Show is strong dancers transgender (katoeys) are selected very carefully in appearance with costumes and makeup splendid. This is a unique show performances to satisfy all travelers to watch because the repertoire was carefully choreographed sound and light perfect. Depending on the number of visitors to Pattaya at the time of market primarily from Russia, Japan or Korea ... but the repertoire staged serve that country's viewers. You will be surprised to see the beautiful transsexual girl dressed in a long coat, a conical hat dance a certain Vietnamese song.

Each show lasts 2 hours and every two hours to have a show. Fares from 500 baht to 600 baht (about 320000-390000 copper). After the show, visitors can also take photos with the cast transsexuals for $ 2 / plate.
Simon Cabaret Show
After each performance, the dancers stand abreast to take pictures with guests. Each shot, you have to spend approximately about 50,000 for their tip.

At Phuket each night unique show transgender people attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. They come to admire the colorful performances Thai culture and Thai artists see performances of traditional repertoire of many other countries. As well as singing and dancing but Simon Cabaret meticulously choreographed stage with professional dancers and beautiful.

Every night there are shows at 18h00 3, 19h30 and 21h30. Tickets: 500-700 baht / person (approximately 320000-450000 copper).



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