Hoi An chicken rice

Just mouth dainty dish suitable for all seasons is the immense pride of Union City residents, the new sentence "not to eat chicken as not to Hoi An."It makes attraction of chicken rice, the first to mention the chicken. If you are familiar with industrial chicken in the city or in the fast food joints, beef and quickly bored, there's nothing distinctive odor probably Hoi An chicken rice will give you the real definition of the taste of chicken .

Hoi An chicken rice.
Chicken meat are carefully selected, the type of backyard hen and should ensure that ensure tender meat, delicious taste is very recognizable. And yet, how to prepare chicken under the "taste" of the central region, ie not leave the thighs, wings as other regions. After boiled chicken, are shredded, mixed soaked with onion, cilantro, lime juice and other spices to taste mouth. The ingenuity of the cook, is also essential to the accents in each shop are shown after mixing your chicken. Interestingly soaked chicken spicy sour spices while maintaining the aroma of chicken and not be dropped.

Chicken rice is also quite picky in choosing stitched plastic fragrant rice to cook. Chicken broth is used to cook up chicken rice grain golden glow of natural light, smooth and sweet rice grains flowing stretch're chicken, have enjoyed will not be able to forget.

Chicken rice disk drive eye-catching display with just enough rice to eat back belly, chicken mix described above, decorated with little cilantro and sliced ​​onion and salt and pepper powder. Chicken rice served with homemade chili, spicy bold border is pretty unique. Cup cooked with fresh ginger innovations and papaya salad, thin julienne carrots are excellent support components which enhance the flavor of chicken rice plate.
Eat chicken rice and cabbage soup and papaya salad.
Hoi An pace of life makes you want to enjoy a leisurely lunch and grace. Pick up the chicken pieces are mixed medium grain rice mouth and feel soft in the mouth it is melting lasting impression indeed.
Today, if you visit Hoi An, along the riverside restaurants dreaming Hoai glance the menu luxury restaurants spread white tablecloths or even the popular bar, chicken rice always gain the "upper hand" .
Go to Hoi An, find yourself a seat in a very popular chicken rice shop in this country to feel the spirit of creative culinary origin which relatives send here.



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