Moc Chau Tourism enjoy special winter day

1. Bold momentum with hotpot dishes
Moc Chau Tourism may find some dishes to try: chicken pot hill, buffalo pot, especially dairy calves pot. Still the steaming pot, warm spicy hot, but the soft sweetness of veal, crispy attractive female calf would please neither can compete. That happiness is to be eaten sliced ​​veal to half matchbox type, not sliced ​​tang as in the city, the meat cooked outside but still slightly pink inside, sweet Lu people.


                                                                              Hotpot Moc Chau

Some addresses delicious hotpot: Standing buffalo meat Hien, Marine Business, Quang Thang, Phong Lan Restaurant ... Each pot is priced from 350-600k.

2. Concrete perturbed - even tasty soup taro

Moc Chau Tourism enjoying some the most popular dishes in the meal. Its essence is the good in that "hot": pieces eaten as soon as the baby fat from the pan and drain completely different when cooled: it is soft, sweet, more aromatic. The heat of the meat, add some ginger soy sauce scented with sweet old Lu made me ecstatic.


                                                                 Aromatic with veal dishes perturbed

Throughout history, mentioning the unique vegetables Moc Chau, can not forget to mention taro Man. Called Taro revolted by it or planting Dao ethnic ..


                                                                                  Warm belly with taro soup

Man taro soup outside help warm belly is also a small fireplace when you hug her hand. Those ubiquitous dishes, but the restaurant 181, 70, 64 would be the most ideal choice because the road facilities, ample seating, professional service. An average meal costs 80-100k

3. Salmon - Fish streams
This special category appear in Moc Chau few years, and the nutritional value of its delicious disappointing to come, but the salmon eater in Moc Chau on a cold day to eat in the summer it is different. That was when the salad, bacon dish, or bowl cha ... is dotted with pungent mustard sauce. Just wanted to love for spicy nose stormed up, saw him warm up completely. People who eat spicy fruit is very interesting with this dish, spicy burst, numb tongue, but was not happy with the sweats, the bar shows the bar rather mysterious because the hot pressing. There are 2 restaurants salmon at: Training and subregional Garden restaurant 64 ... Salmon trout with an average price of 200-250k / ration.


Moc Chau Tourism in addition to trout streams, there are fish, eating fish also have hot springs dot the sauce slightly reinforced for many new peppers retain attractive crisp.
4. Thai cuisine
The community tourism exchanges are serving the typical dishes of spicy hot Thai: grilled fish, grilled chicken, roast pork, steamed beef, smoked buffalo ... soups are chili, getting Khen fragrant, spicy tongue numb. Especially the last dot dot crossover, something spicy sauce synthesis equally well when put together chicken, pork, fish, sticky rice.


                                                                  Specialty dishes Moc Chau Nam Pia

Eating in the floor so you could find yourself baked the warm campfire food waterlogged furniture in the courtyard, or in the home. A meal in the average price also from 100-150K / productivity.

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